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21 October, 2010 / Unni

New teachers

Today I got to meet my new english teacher cuz our other english teacher is starting on a other school that have recently open down town. She was like super nice but our new teacher seems quite nice as well. Don’t take me the wrong way now, but he was a bit feminine or what you’re spouse to call it. But he seems to be a good teacher according to today’s class every one seems to like him. And I’m also getting a new teacher in my photo class, thank god I mean our teacher in photo right know pretty much sucks. She doesn’t know a thing about how to take a picture with a camera and is lost in her mind, but still she really kind but maybe a bit to kind. My friend got super happy, when she got the news that we are getting a new photo teacher. She was doing the happy dance while smiling haha:D

Every one do the happy dance:D


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