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17 October, 2010 / Unni

Pizza on Sunday

Today I haven’t don so much, went to church because we wear in the group who had to take care of the baking and coffee after the mass. And I have also meet up with one of my friends, we wear suppose to take pictures and stuff. But we planed that we wear going to take picture the next time we are in the photo studio in our school. And by the way on Wednesday the new mall in my little town is going to open hihi^^

My dad and I bought a big pizza, now my stomach is hurting because I have so much pizza in it:D
I might have to roll a round on the floor cuz my stomach hurts so much hihi^^



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  1. Kokorochan / Oct 18 2010 14:59

    svar: ååh spännande 😀 är du nervös ? ^^


  2. Kokorochan / Oct 18 2010 15:22

    svar: ja det tror jag också 😀 ❤


  3. Sabina ❤ / Oct 18 2010 22:17

    sv. Haha, jag har lyssnat på den låten i princip hela tiden den senaste veckan 🙂 Den är så bra!~ xD

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