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30 August, 2010 / Unni

About the concert last week

Last week me and my friend whent to Gröna lund to see a concert that a radio station was hosting it was called Nrj in the park.I didn’t know any of the artist except like one, but the concert was great. I usually just go on asian concert, LM.C and abingdon boys school are two of the concerts i’ve been to. Thers not so many korean and japanese bands/groups that have concert here in Sweden to bad*Sad face*

Some pictures from last week sorry if the pictures are bad.


The radio host guys


Million Stylez

Darin and dancers


Taio Cruze

Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke who wear one of the singers on the concert. Hade her birthday just one day before the concert so every one in the audience sang happy birthday to her.


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  1. Sabina ❤ / Sep 1 2010 19:12

    sv. Ja, jag har blivit totalt beroende av den serien. Älskar den!^^
    Jag upptäckte den sidan för inte så länge sedan och jag tycker också den är jättebra ;D Men tack för tipset ändå 🙂

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