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26 June, 2010 / Unni

Anime I’m watching

This is the animes i’m watching rihgt now, K-ON!!, Working!!, Kaichou wa maid-sama, You’re Under Arrest! (1996) and i was watching Wedding Peach but i cant find the episode i’m at not subbed and not dubbde.I hate when you cant find the anime you whant to see subbed or dubbde.



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  1. Emelie / Jun 26 2010 20:49

    SV: okej va fint, från vilken affär? 😛

  2. Emelie / Jun 27 2010 18:43

    SV: ja okej va fint, tror jag kanske vet vilken du menar 😉
    Japp imorrn åker jag till USA, absolut får vi ses när jag kommer tillbaka 😀

    Stor kram!! 🙂 <33

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