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25 June, 2010 / Unni


I havent blogged in a while now, but i am gowing to start bloging more now. My family was on a trip visiting my Cousin who lives in the southest part of Sweden callde Skåne. I stade home i had to take care of my cat, seens she dont fit in the car i mean 5 people and one cat plus a ton of luggage.I thing oure car woulde crash after one meter. My uncel is staying at oure place and he was gowing with my family to Skåne so thats why we would be five in the car. But being at home wasn’t so bad hade lots of time watching anime and catching up on the tv shows i dont was tv so much i only watching anime on the computer hehe^^

I started to watch Working!! it`s a ongoing serie so the last episode is airing on the 27th of  june.

In this last pictur dosent Inamis rihgt leg look so much darker the the other leg? haha^^


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  1. Emelie / Jun 26 2010 15:52

    Roligt att du börjar skriva in English haha 😀

    Sv: ja visst var den snygg? haha spännande, vilken bikini vill/ska du köpa? 😀

    Haft en bra midsommar? 😀
    Detsamma 😀

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