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10 June, 2010 / Unni

Gachi Baka

I finished watching Gachi Baka it`s a japanese drama serie with 10 episodes. Gachi Baka is quite similar to Gokusen and GTO.It dose not have so much drama as in GTO and less comedy then Gokusen. But if you like Gachi baka you might like Gokusen and GTO.

Watch Gachi Baka here

Description: Former pro boxer Gondo Tetta has come to Kaki-no-ki-zaka High School as a beginning teacher. The school hopes to restore finances by improving the students? abilities and strengthening its baseball team. Tetta goes head-to-head with his class full of failing students who have no ability whatsoever in sports and studies. Everyday, he passionately encourages his students who have no drive at all. School is not just a place to study. It?s a place to learn how to live! If it means helping out his students, Tetta won?t hesitate to snap at the parents and school. Gondo Tetta?s slightly dangerous class is about to begin.


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